The REC Foundation is working together with the City of Paso Robles Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee in an effort to spruce up Downtown City Park, the City’s “crown jewel.” The goal is to raise $350,000 to renovate the City Park Playground. 

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Salinas River Corridor Project

"Follow the River, Follow the Dream"

The Paso Robles community laid out its vision for the river during a multi-day community design workshop in 2005, and the result was the Salinas River Corridor Project.

The vision includes preservation of river habitat and key vistas, enhanced recreational trail systems and public access, improved public art and educational opportunities to learn of the Salinas River’s habitat and history, a redeveloped urban edge at Paso Robles Street, and new connections to the downtown core. Read press release.

The REC Foundation is pleased to support the Salinas River Corridor Project with funding for Corridor Ambassadors and an updated Paso Robles Parks and Trails.

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"Circle of Life"

In Spring 2012, the REC Foundation commissioned artist Robert Roemisch to create an outdoor sculpture titled “Circle of Life.” The piece features a wooden bench curved like a river and welded to a grand arc of river-life animals depicted in solid sheet steel. The sculpture is permanently installed along the recent expansion of the Charolais trail which connects to the Salinas River trail. 



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